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School volunteers enable teachers to provide students with individualized instruction and enrichment activities to assist in classrooms, allowing teachers to give special attention to students needing more help. They also provide a valuable asset for field trips and other school activities.
School Volunteer Role

The role of the A+ Arts Academy volunteer is:
  • To free other school personnel to meet the needs of students more effectively by providing volunteer assistance
  • To strengthen school-community relations by providing a menu of opportunities for interested parents and community members to participate effectively in school programs
  • To broaden students experiences through interaction with volunteers by providing adult role models who assist the students with tutoring and mentor opportunities
  • To provide enriching intergenerational experiences for students and senior citizens who help educate students about the lifelong process of growing up
If you are interested in volunteering and being a part of our A+ Arts Academy team, please complete the application below, and submit the form to the appropriate school.
School Volunteer Form