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A+ Arts Academy receives compliments from our students' parents'. These comments make our efforts so worthwhile.
"I put my son at A+ ARTS ACADEMY because I wanted a smaller class size. I like the fact that the teachers all seem to care and they are working toward the same goals. I especially love the dedication of the math teacher and the superintendent. Mrs. Berkley was a major influence in my decision to place my son at A+."
Veronica Callwood Parent of a 7th grader

“I really enjoy the school and like the curriculum. This is my daughter's first year and we have had very positive experiences with her teachers. They are wonderful and take the time to assess and adequately address all issues. My daughter really likes the after school program and it has helped get her back to being interested and physically involved. I wish I had found A+ Arts Academy two years ago and would love to see it include 9th grade.”
Keyla Alvarado Parent of an 8th grader

“For two years, our daughter's personality was stifled by a negative environment at her previous school. Since coming to A+ Arts Academy, She has flourished socially and finally feels accepted by her peers. She is involved in many of the electives and after school programs. She has always been an excellent student, but now she is a well rounded person and we absolutely love the change in her. A+ is a wonderful school with teachers who are creative and strive to address the needs of every student.”
Darryl & Brynette Turner Parents of a 6th grader

“I chose A+ Arts Academy because I wanted to have an alternative to public schools. A+ offers smaller class sizes and a good curriculum. I felt the teachers really want to make sure the students learn and that was important to me. This is our second year with the school and it has made a big difference in my son's self confidence and involvement in social activities.”
Bonitta Fowler Parent of an 8th grader

“A+ Arts Academy great opportunities not found in the public system. This is my daughter's second year and she really enjoys the environment and the customized teaching styles. The after school program is also very important. This year, it will allow the students to participate in various sports, the Martin Luther King breakfast, the Arnold Classic, and appear in a nationally televised competition of 4,000 cheerleading and step teams. Students at A+ receive a wide variety of exposures without being distracted by many of the negative issues at other schools.”
Darryl Lee Parent of 8th grader

“A+ Arts Academy is doing very well with the students academically. This is our second year with the school and it is still progressing in many positive ways. I look at A+ as being a family instead of a regular school. The after school program is wonderful at keeping our students busy, off the streets, and out of trouble.”
LaShawn Charles Parent of an 8th grader

"I had both of my daughters at A+ Arts Academy for an awesome six years. I love the curriculum, class sizes and the personal attention each one of my students received. A+ is a wonderful school with teachers who care and strive to address the needs of every student."
Michelle Brown Parent of an 8th grader

“My mother-in-law teaches in the public school system and she told us we were making a mistake turning to charter schools. Now when I brag about the academic success, the wonderful field trips, the small class sizes, dance/art, teacher to student ratio, hands on care the teachers give our students etc... she wants to refer the students from her own school.”
Keith & Carl-yon Turner Parents of a 7th grader
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