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Student Creed

The A+ Arts Academy Student Creed reflects our mission. 


The mission of the A+ Arts Academy is to be a highly visible school known for producing responsible and accountable students who demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth, leadership and moral values, ultimately becoming exceptional citizens.


Student Creed

As a Student of the A+ Arts Academy,
I will strive to be the best I can be.
I will always strive to do my best.
I will never settle for anything less.
My teachers expect the best from me, 
because I am a student of the A+ Arts Academy.
In my studies, I will strive for excellence,
In my behavior, I will be respectful and tolerant.
I will let nothing stand in my way,
from striving to make that A.
Because we are students of A+,
our teachers and parents expect more out of us.
Therefore, we will show them respect,
All negative things, we will respect.
We strive daily to be the best,
and stand apart from the rest.
As we excel and move ahead,
We'll remember to reach back as we've been led.


A+ Arts Academy Student Creed